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April is National Poetry Month.  I thought this month it would fun to share some of the poetry I wrote in the past. It surprises me how relevant some of the poems I wrote way before my diagnosis are to my cancer journey. I guess you’re never really separate from your past. The poem below is still a favorite even though as I mature I recognize it’s a bit trite.  When I wrote it I recall that I thought it was profound, as perhaps the most simple and widely used ideas are.

Don’t Complain

Things could be worse so don’t complain
At least you live to speak of pain
You could be dead
So don’t complain

by Pam circa 1987

I can imagine that the poem seems morose at first reading especially to those who  wince at the idea of mortality.  But to other readers it may be taken, in the spirit that it was written,as simple words of wisdom.  I read it as a rhythmic combination of  you only live once and I complained when I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet.  While in treatment I had plenty to complain about and believe me, complain I did, but this poem helped me remember that I was alive and aware the whole time I was hurting.  For that I am grateful.

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